Educating and empowering community leaders, allied health professionals and front line community workers to promote active lifestyles consistently through ONE YOU.

Insufficient physical activity is among the ten most important risk factors for the health burden in England. Inactivity costs the NHS an estimated £1.06 billion a year in direct costs.

Physical activity brief advice in health care is effective at getting individuals active. It has been suggested that one in four people would be more active if advised by a GP or nurse, but as many as 72% of GPs do not discuss the benefits of physical activity with patients. A recent study undertaken by the British Journal of General Practice suggests that the majority of GPs in England (80%) are unfamiliar with the national PA guidelines.

People also respond well to peer influencers. An evaluation into the Yorkshire Altogether Better Programme found clear examples of people with better health knowledge and awareness, increased self-esteem, and improved wellbeing. For some individuals, becoming a community health champion was a transformative experience helping them rehabilitate, regain a sense of purpose or start on a journey to other opportunities, such as paid employment.

Active Practice Charter, Check out Nicky’s story on transforming her life through increasing her activity.

Personal Pledge

  • A public commitment to get more active for self and family through ONE YOU.

Use of technology to change habits

  • Introduction and promotion of technology to encourage behaviour change and connect the supply to demand to include a ‘local offer’ around physical activity.

Equipping a multiagency workforce

  • Creation of a network of social coaches able to promote and deliver physical activity to vulnerable groups and support to front line health practitioners and care workers to promote active lifestyles.

Encourage families to play together

  • Education and empowerment of family and community members to encourage active play at home/within communities.


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