Who are Active Cheshire?

Active Cheshire is a leading charity and social enterprise established almost 30 years ago by local partners to improve the health and wellbeing of local people in Cheshire and Warrington through increased, sustainable physical activity.

As the lead body for physical activity and sport in Cheshire and Warrington, it is our job to engage, educate, enable, inspire and influence the local community, as well as a wide range of organisations, stakeholders and partners – locally, nationally and even globally to change the habits, attitudes and behaviours of an increasingly inactive society.

Pride, Passion and Creativity

The challenge to tackle inactivity is a large and hugely complex one. Despite the great efforts to reverse the trend towards inactivity, the problem is getting bigger, due to the increased use of cars and technology as well as having more sedentary jobs and lifestyles.

Active Cheshire’s values of Pride, Passion and Creativity play a huge part in how we do things to achieve more sustainable results. It takes on average 207 days to change a long term habit, so over time we have had to adapt to understanding the problems faced by inactive people in our region in order to tackle the issues head on.

We are working very hard to buck this trend.  We are seen as trailblazers, using our insight,influence, energy, (and sometimes bonkers ideas) to create these changes and convey our message.

It’s all about great teamwork

We are proud to have a highly talented and energetic team of people, led by our CEO Anne Boyd; who has over 20 years experience spanning public, private and voluntary sectors having held leadership positions within Sport England, North-West Development Agency and Local Government.

Active Cheshire are driven and challenged to achieve the collective ambitions of the region, through scrutiny and advocacy by an experienced board of Trustees, Patrons and Ambassadors who bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to the organisation.


Our Latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 58 – outlined as Excellent

Mission & Values

Our mission: to embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life.

Our Values: Pride, Passion and Creativity.

Awards & Achievements

  • Multi-Award Winning Charity including Northwest Charity of the Year (Highly Commended) and Best of the Best Business Awards
  • Proud to be a Living Wage and Mindful Employer
  • Member of the English Federation of Disability Sport
  • In 2017 we secured over £1M of funds for other organisations to help support common causes.


As an independent charity in receipt of public investment, we are governed and managed robustly as you would expect. Active Cheshire see good governance as a keystone to constantly improving as a charity, and a positive way to provide better service to the community year-on-year.

Find out more about about Active Cheshire’s Governance.


Active Cheshire are changing lives in Cheshire and Warrington.  Your donation can help us to get more people active.

The result is a happier, healthier, more productive community that lives longer.  Help us to fund vital projects across the region, to tackle inactivity and embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life.

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