Bradshaw Community Primary School has pledged to Active Kids, showing to the community that they are dedicated to the wellbeing of their pupils. Health and well-being is high on the agenda for this school and as well as making every effort to encourage the pupils and staff to be more active, they are extremely proactive when it comes to mental health too. All staff have received mental health training, they have a quiet place to talk and they also have a school therapy dog. The school have great outdoor facilities and they have had Forest School practitioners come in and each summer they host a cross-country event and invite other schools to participate which has been a great success.  They also have lots of other great incentives, i.e. the Challenge Awards, setting the children challenges to complete and showcasing what has been achieved on the school hall notice board.

The school’s ambition is to achieve a Silver Award in the Cheshire & Warrington School Games and also to embed the Active 60 minutes for the pupils and 150 minutes per week broken down into management bite-size chunks for adults including the teachers and parents, encouraging parents and teachers to lead by example.

With the help of Active Cheshire they have created the following objectives:

  1. Increasing Active Travel to and from school and also Physical Activity during school hours
  2. Upskill, introduce and embed active learning to help the children to increase Physical Activity during lesson times
  3. Increase parents participation/engagement with the school with the Parents and Teacher’s Pledge to be active
  4. Increase Staff Activity and have a display within the school hall to celebrate achievements as well as incentives for achievement

The school will look to introduce and encourage the Daily Mile initiative utilising the path and create activity bags.  Physical activity during wet weather will still be encouraged at break times to allow the children to still play. Parents and teachers will be encouraged to make a personal Pledge to hit their 150 minutes of physical activity per week and pass on these good habits to their children.

If you would like further information or wish to pledge as a primary school or early years provider, please get in touch by clicking HERE and completing the form.