M&S Bank have pledged to be an active workplace. The pledge means that they support the health and wellbeing of their workforce by encouraging physical activity on a regular basis both during and outside of work. Their pledge is for 12 months, with the option of additional support from Active Cheshire with a pledge plus package.

Offering financial services for more than 30 years; M&S Bank is a retail bank with a range of personal banking products, insurance and travel services. M&S Bank HQ boasts a team of approx 1900 employees, 600 of which are temporary.  HQ also share space with a retail team of approx 200 employees and the company extends the staff team to a branch network of approx 400 staff, based across the United Kingdom.  The HQ space is an innovative building with fantastic indoor facilities and outdoor space, inspiring people to move and explore during break and lunch times.

M&S Bank have ambitions and values underpinned by a desire to care for their employees, creating a warm, family-friendly environment with flexible working hours. Whilst the importance of health and wellbeing for employees is recognised, M&S Bank are seeking new and creative ways to engage with all the staff.  M&S regularly host health and wellbeing days, have a sports and social team who organise activities and also have an on-site gym which is heavily subsidised.  M&S also have an internal wellbeing lead and DI Committee. The team are committed to supporting health and wellbeing activities.  M&S Bank are keen to invest in their workforce and in turn increase productivity; they have particular aspirations to improve the opportunities they provide to all their employees, getting them more active throughout the working day. M&S Bank have expressed the desire to tackle such challenges and embed physical activity; that is inclusive for all.

If you would like further information or wish to pledge as a workplace, please get in touch by clicking HERE completing the form.