Weaver Vale Housing Trust (WVHT) is an ambitious and dynamic housing association and have pledged to be an active workplace. The pledge means that they support the health and wellbeing of their workforce by encouraging physical activity on a regular basis both during and outside of work. Their pledge is for 12 months, and they have also opted for the extra support from Active Cheshire as a Pledge Plus to ensure they meet their objectives!

In order to tackle physical inactivity, WVHT have four objectives that they wish to achieve:

  1. Create and foster an ‘active’ office culture, whereby colleagues feel able and supported to engage in activities practices that will improve their own wellbeing and performance at work;
  2. Increase communication and engagement with colleagues on the subject of Physical Activity for Health and Wellbeing;
  3. Develop a long-term, sustainable approach to providing opportunities for colleagues to engage in Physical Activity;
  4. Review head office space and layout to optimise Physical Activity


WVHT have opted to buy in Active Cheshire’s support through the Pledge Plus option, from which Active Cheshire will help to embed a ‘Leave Loudly’ practice for colleagues wishing to integrate physical activity into their working day. Active Cheshire will also work with the marketing team to create and deliver an internal campaign, producing content for communications and use colleague stories to reinforce the numerous ways in which individuals can strive to be more active. Furthermore, Active Cheshire will work with appropriate WVHT staff to devise and launch a challenge/reward scheme and also ensure office layout and design is optimised to facilitate & encourage active routines & behaviours during the day

If you would like further information or wish to pledge as a workplace, please get in touch by clicking HERE and completing the form.