Welcome to Cheshire & Warrington’s 2022 Summer School Games Festival!

The School Games will take place at various venues across Cheshire and Warrington on 6th July 2022 . For more information please download the event safeguarding and welfare by clicking on the link below.

Get ready to put yourself to the test to become champions!

Everyone (children, young people, and adults) has the right to have fun and to be safe and free from harm when participating in physical activity and sport. Active Cheshire is committed to ensuring that physical activity, sport and recreation across Cheshire & Warrington is both safe and inclusive.


Safeguarding & Welfare information

Please complete this form fully and bring it with you on the day of the competition. You will not be able to register your team without these fully completed forms.

Registration Form

For all information regarding the sport and risk assessments please click on the button below!

Dodgeball   Football   Athletics   Gymnastics
EPSV   Tennis   Trigolf

We hope you enjoy the events and good luck to everyone!