86,000 people embed active lifestyles in Cheshire and Warrington

A national survey, conducted by Sport England in partnership with Public Health England, has found that the concerted efforts of organisations across Cheshire and Warrington has stablised physical inactivity levels in the sub-region.

Results show that 476,000 of Cheshire and Warrington residents are successfully hitting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate level physical activity per week. Whilst this is a decrease from last year, the findings of this national survey predate the COVID-19 pandemic. It has already been evidenced that the pandemic has altered people’s thoughts and feelings towards physical activity, with 63 % of adults reporting that exercise is more important to them than before according to Sport England’s recent survey.

It has now been over two years since Active Cheshire formally adopted the sub-regional strategy to tackling inactivity across Cheshire and Warrington, with over 300 stakeholders who pledged their support to mutual ambitions to tackle physical inactivity, and play a part in improving the health, wellbeing and prosperity for local residents.

The Blueprint to Tackle Physical Inactivity, co-designed by cross-sector partners, set to embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life by 2040 through five pillars. This approach looks to embed physical activity through Active Workplace, Active Kids (0-11), Activators, Active Minds and Active Design.

To date, 169 organisations have taken the Pledge and developed bespoke Active Plans which will influence the habits of more than 86,124 people.

Anne Boyd, CEO of Active Cheshire said: “A huge thank you to the wide range of our local partners who are working hard every day to improve the health and wellbeing of local residents. These results show us that the efforts of our partners fighting against a culture of convenience is helping to sustain physical activity levels in our region.”

Despite the numbers hitting the recommended goals, there are still 186,600 adults doing less than 30 minutes of moderate-level physical activity a week and missing out on the array of benefits not only to health, but broader social and economic outcomes. The challenge in front of us is not only maintaining those who are already active, but also encouraging those classed as inactive to embed physical activity into all aspects of their life and battling against an increasingly convenience-led and sedentary lifestyle.

As ever, Active Cheshire are being versatile and proactive during these challenging times to ensure we keep our communities active. We will also be ready to adapt to changes in societal habits as lockdown restrictions are lifted and, in the time, following.

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