Active Cheshire is a social enterprise which tackles physical inactivity across Cheshire and Warrington. The lunch programme is designed to encourage play and movement for low-income families who use food banks. Many of these families are facing hardship due to loss of employment through Covid-19.

Two churches, St Andrew’s and St John the Baptist have been funded Tackling Inequalities Emergency Fund to deliver 40 activity boxes to families accessing foodbank services. They have been working in partnership with Active Cheshire, Crewe Town Council and Connected Communities to support those most vulnerable.

The activity lunch programme included bean bags, targets, balls, skipping ropes, bat and balls, football etc. Distributed through volunteers, families have been provided with ‘activity books’ to encourage play as a household or on your own.

There was a huge demand for increased physical activity in this area prior to lockdown following in depth research and consultation in the Crewe area as part of Active Cheshire developing its Blueprint. This includes Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities which have been found to be less active.

Active Minds Lead from Active Cheshire, Roberta Pomponio said “I wish to thank our partners for their involvement, it’s great to see so many of us come together for the community.

“We want activity to be part of everyday life, especially during the global pandemic, to improve the lives of local people.”

One of the project managers, Becky Hurst said, “We exceeded our target of providing 100 meals a week and we reached more families. The activity packs were well received and have definitely increased activity amongst participants

Great support from Active Cheshire throughout the whole process. Particularly with our work with refugees and asylum seekers and with families. Thank you”

Most of what Active Cheshire does is to do with change. By encouraging behavioural change, changing attitudes, mindsets, and habits. The Charity are constantly learning to adapt to the needs and challenges in an increasingly inactive society.

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