Active Cheshire and MSP have come together to produce an ‘at-scale’ approach to physical activity across Cheshire and Merseyside. By joining forces, we aim to maximise the opportunities and drive the priorities set by the Health and Care Partnership. This is a landmark collaboration that’s totally aligned with improving outcomes for our populations. And the collaborations don’t stop there. We’re inviting valued partners across the regions to submit expressions of interest to join a new associate Physical Activity Subgroup. Read on to find out more about the initiative project, what the new subgroup will be tasked with looking at and how to apply to sit on it.

Active Cheshire (AC) and MSP, are the lead bodies for physical activity across Cheshire, Warrington and Merseyside. AC’s mission is to ‘embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life and reduce physical inactivity by 15% by 2040’. MSP’s mission is ‘Working together to improve the quality of life for all people through sport and physical activity’.

In January 2018, Active Cheshire adopted ‘The Blueprint to Tackle Physical In-activity’ – a whole system strategic approach to tackle physical inactivity coproduced by 2000 cross-sector partners in Cheshire and Warrington. This was supported by extensive local, national and international evidence based on health economies and was led by the Chief Executive of Warrington Borough Council – Professor Steven Broomhead and a wider task force.

MSP are currently engaging with a wide range of stakeholders from across the Liverpool City Region in identifying key priorities, with a vision of a wider strategy on how we will work together to target the inactive. Steve Rotherham, the Metro Mayor, has pledged to increase cycling and walking across the region and our Local Industrial Strategy has prioritised; Health and Wellbeing for all; Vibrant and connected communities.

Utilising existing strategies, both partnerships are uniquely placed to work collaboratively to achieve greater impact on a joint project within the region to improve long term health and wellbeing.

We will be the system leaders and adopt a wider placed based approach for physical activity, working with key stakeholders to provide clarity and consistency for the entire region. We will use this initial opportunity as a mechanism to unite the team, encourage further collaboration to long term objectives and will contribute to the wider objective, that being prevention at scale.

As a result of this partnership, both AC and MSP are currently delivering against the following outcomes:

  • Reviewing qualitative, quantitative data, mapping and identifying synergy across the region to build the foundations of a joined-up strategy for physical activity.
  • Identifying and promoting best practice that can be adopted across Cheshire, Warrington and Merseyside, with focus on Making Every Contact Count, Prevention Pledge, Physical Activity Champion Training and the Active Practice Charter.
  • Testing a demonstrator project – Sport England’s Active Practice Charter – signing up 10 GP Practices (5 in Cheshire and Warrington, 5 in Merseyside) with a bespoke support package.
  • Working in partnership to develop a joint Cheshire, Warrington and Merseyside physical activity campaign to support our local community’s health and wellbeing relating to the demonstrator project.

Key to all of the above however is a new co-chaired a Physical Activity Subgroup, consisting of key stakeholders across the region, who will drive a joined up strategic plan for Cheshire & Merseyside and report to the Prevention / Population Health at Scale Board. Example Stakeholders could include; Public Health England, Sport England, GP(s), HCP(s), third sector providers, wider whole system partners.

Key objectives for this group will be to:

  • Develop a communication and promotional strategy, with stakeholder analysis, to realise generic and target-cohort-specific communications and promotional materials.
  • Support the development of local place physical activity plans.
  • Consider actions that can then be undertaken at scale and those that would be led by local place.
  • Consider an approach to identification of a local place champion and a Cheshire & Merseyside Champion to support the launch to the communication and promotional materials.
  • Consider an approach to measuring the change in physical activity across the life course.
  • Raise the profile of physical activity and how it can contribute to prevent and manage 20 chronic health conditions.

So, we would love to hear from you! Do you want to be a part of this exciting opportunity? Please click HERE and fill in just a few details.

The closing date is Friday 14th February at 5.00pm. Both Active Cheshire and MSP will come together to review applications and be in touch.

Our first meeting will be on the 12th March 2020, time and venue to be confirmed.