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The design and layout of where we live, work and play is a vital role in keeping us healthy and active. In a world where convenience is our top priority, we need to ensure the right choice is the easiest choice. We have a unique opportunity to influence the connectivity and design of the region, to facilitate active lifestyles. Increased urbanisation and the use of passive modes of transportation have been key contributors to insufficient physical activity.

Since the 1960’s people have become less and less active in their daily lives. This is largely a result of technological changes and an increase in sedentary activities, with people’s activity levels declining from the age of 7.

Walking or cycling, instead of using motorised transport, can help reduce the associated costs of poor air quality, congestion and collisions in urban areas of England. Each of these issues costs society around £10 billion a year. There was also only a small difference between modes of travel time to key services with cycling, public transport/walking only taking 5-7 minutes longer than car journeys.

Active Cheshire hosts bi-annual introductory workshops on Active Design (Active Design Aware) and provides a town assessment package (Active Design Prepared and Engaged) to determine how the design of your local community can improve the health and well-being of your residents.